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Sandra Dahan


A Note From Adriana Carlos

How to do CPR on your pet

1st Step: Lay the dog on its side, right or left doesn't matter

2nd Step:
Assess breathing : Check mucous membranes, observe the chest for up and down movement.
If not breathing open the mouth and stick out his tongue,  look for any obstruction and remove it if present
If object can’t be reached perform  Heimlich maneuver. CPR can't be performed if airways are block

3rd Step: Give 4 quick breaths: Close the mouth and breath into the nostrils, try to keep the head and neck
aligned with the back.

4th Step: Check for pulse through femoral artery (on the inside of the leg)

5th  Step: Give 15 compressions for 2 breathing, compressions should be 1/3  to 1/2 of the chest width and delivered quickly in a cough-like fashion.

6th step: (Optional) Abdominal conterpressure suggested if there is no intra-abdominal pathology

Then get to your veterinary's office or emergency clinic ASAP

Adriana highly recommends pet owners to sign up for a pet CPR / First Aid course.

Adriana Carlos has extended her class across Canada & Mexico.

For reservation call (514) 779-2617

A few of our teammates during a CPR / First Aid class

with Adriana Carlos

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Canadian Dog Trainers Association
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