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It is normal for a puppy or dog to misbehave if it has never been to obedience training.
Therefore, it is never to late to start training your dog!
At first, we love the natural energy of a puppy but sooner than later, we want them to manifest a good behavior.
From the start don't allow anything you don't want to see when they are older even though its cute. We want your puppy to not jump, bark or bite. We want you to enjoy this new addition in your family. So to avoid frustrations begin showing your dog what is acceptable and what is not as soon as you can. Formal training should begin at 3 months.

The only solution is to get obedience training for your puppy. It will take some patience, but the end results are in your favor.

If you are patient and persistent, you will enjoy a long lasting successful relationship with your dog. No matter how difficult your dog is, we can help you.

Your puppy will stop :

  • Ignoring you
  • Jumping on people
  • Going potty everywhere
  • Digging or chewing
  • Pulling on a leash
  • Dominating
  • Humping or mounting
  • Stealing things
  • Running away
  • Whining and nipping
  • Chasing things
  • Possessing toys or food
  • Being fearful, nervous, shy, or anxious

Your puppy will :

  • Focus
  • Listen to you
  • Give you eye contact
  • Walk next to you
  • Be obedient
  • Develop & socialize with other stable dogs
  • Learn the proper way to play with human beings
  • House breaking
  • Training commands with effective hand signals
  • Have off leash freedom
  • Mentally stimulated

We modify the dogs behavior, in order to to built a good base. Puppy training is where the ground work for obedience and social behavior starts. From my own experience, We at the Canine Education Center can assure you that this will be the most important and rewarding course that you and your can dog can take. We at the Canine Education Center are truly passionate about our work.

Cost : Pending the needs of the dog. Age, sex, breed, character & temperament. ( Distance if applicable )

Training Choice: one on one at your home or at the kennel or board and train.

Puppy socialization & obedience introduction: ( 6 weeks 1 hour). Age criteria 8 weeks to 12 weeks old.

Obedience training level 1. ( 8 to 12 weeks 1hour ). Age 3 months & plus....

Private sessions 1-2 hours intensive (Specific Behavior )

Obedience Training :

1. We use a positive approach with positive reinforcement techniques, at times we use food as an incentives but we wean them off, their is no gimmicks or force.

2. It is essential to train and socialize a dog so he/she can adapt quickly to humans and urban surroundings. We are a firm believer in friendly and positive reinforcement techniques as well as a praise/play reward approach without treats. Positive reinforcement dog training works by using praise with positive actions as rewards(treats if absolutely necessary). Rewarding good behavior makes that behavior a more likely occurrence with ease in the future.

Obedience training will build a stronger relationship with your dog!

We don't guarantee miracles but we do our best to achieve our clients desired goals.

Your dog can only achieve ...if you are a big part of his education


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Canadian Dog Trainers Association
Canadian Dog Trainers Registry
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