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We offer to all clients who have a crazy schedules and that have no time to walk their pets.
Rest assured and know your dog will be in good hands. If needed we do have walk programs integrated with obedience training.

We have designed this walk service with one reason in mind, if your like me and feel guilty at the thought of your pooch sitting at home all alone all day or perhaps your pet might need to go out for relieving then this service is what your looking for.

Solution found!

We offer approximately 30 or 60 minute of walk service, insured and bonded Pet Care.

Your dog will enjoy a energetic outing and will be less hyper when you get home and more relaxed. Your dog will get to enjoy some fresh air and smells while doing this, I will make sure there is always fresh water and depending on the time of day, I will take care of feeding and administering any medications if needed.

The end result will be a happier, more well balanced dog to greet you at the end of your busy day.

We do need minimum 48 hours advance booking notice in order to guarantee service at your requested time and Day

Love your dog


If you have a friend or refer someone to my walking service you automatically get rewarded! Once they become a client and book and complete their appointment, you'll get a reward point for every client that signs up for the walk you get a reward point. After 2 points you receive a free dog walk. You may refer as many new people as you like.

Individual walk
1/2 hour per day (30 minutes) : $18
1 hour per day (60 minutes) : $25
Additional time (30 minutes) : $10
Each additional dog : $10

Groups walk Coming soon
Power walk dogs Coming soon

Serving for now:

  • Ile Perrot
  • Notre-Dame de l'Ile Perrot
  • Pincourt
  • Terasse Vaudreuil
  • Vaudreuil Dorion
  • Pointe des Cascade


Member of the

Canadian Dog Trainers Association
Canadian Dog Trainers Registry
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